Can I purchase tickets on line?

Yes, and we recommend that you do as customers arriving with tickets purchased online do not have to wait in the onsite cash and credit purchase line.



Do you offer a Fast Pass at Ocean City Screams Haunted House?

No, we are not offering a Fast Pass but may in the future. However, buying tickets via the currently available online ticketing purchase process allows a customer to avoid the onsite cash and credit purchase line.



Will any of the actors grab me?

The actors in our haunted houses are trained and professional and have been instructed not to intentionally touch or grab any of the patrons, however, we cannot guarantee they wont accidentally bump or touch you as the environment is purposely dark and disorienting and full of moving and emotional people. We cannot guarantee that accidents will not happen and that you won’t be touched. Enter at your own risk.



Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard at ticketing and concessions.



What happens if it rains?

Ocean City Screams is an indoor event and is open during regular hours when it rains. Ocean City Screams reserves the right the close the event under any weather conditions.  Check the blog page for up to date information.



Do you have group discounts?

Yes. Groups of 15 to 2,500 should contact Groups@OCScreams.com to learn more about discounts and logistics for a smooth arrival and entry. Groups must make an advanced reservation in order to obtain the discount.



Do you have discounts for children?

No - everyone pays the same price for each attraction.



Should I be concerned if I have medical conditions?

Enter at your own risk. There are inherent risks associated with participating in the Ocean City Screams events. These events are intended to be dimly lit and scary. Trails, que lines and pathways will be uneven, slippery and dark, and there are several special effects, including strobe lights, loud noises, flames, vertigo tunnel, claustrophobia tunnels, fog effects and many others that are used throughout the various attractions that could inadvertently cause harm. Participants are REQUIRED to sign a waiver before entering and participating in the Ocean City Screams events.  By entering any of the Ocean City Screams  events or compound, you are confirming with us that you have properly completed and signed the waiver, are taking on risks and waiving your rights.



Is the event handicap accessible?

Ocean City Screams makes reasonable accommodations and is happy to work with those with handi caps.  The event is located in an old two story building with no elevator, however, is happy to do what it can to make the experience the best it can be.



Do you sell food or alcohol?

No , but the boardwalk is 100 feet away from our entrance and full of great choices.



If I get too scared can I get a refund?




When is the best time to come so we can avoid a long wait?

Friday's and Saturdays are the busiest nights.  Coming early or late tends to lead to shorter wait lines.



Do you have security on-site?

Yes. In addition to the security cameras, Ocean City Screams  is staffed with numerous plain clothes police and security personnel.



What should I wear?

The event is indoor but the grounds or parking lots can be slippery, uneven and wet. Long pants and sturdy shoes are highly recommended. Flips flops, opened toed shoes and high heels are a really really bad idea no matter how good they look.







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